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How We Review Essays 

We developed our comprehensive evaluation process based on our experience working with students one-on-one, reviewing successful applications, and interviewing admissions officers. We know not only how to help you write an excellent essay but also how to create a cohesive narrative that an admissions officer will find compelling.

In a previous venture, we developed the college advising industry's most successful mentorship curriculum and worked with over 20,000 students on an individual basis.

We have reviewed and analyzed almost 300 successful applications to the most selective undergraduate and graduate programs, including admissions officers' notes and scores.

Numerous current and former admissions officers at the most selective programs provided advice and input as we created our review process.

When you submit an essay, two reviewers work in concert to ensure you receive definitive, thorough, and constructive direction. Our reviewers will dive deep into your essay to ensure your writing is technically and grammatically excellent and that the narrative you develop is compelling and likely to hook an admissions officer. Most importantly, we will always provide clear directions on how to improve and an evaluation of the essay with the same categorization and grading as if we were admissions officer reading your essay as part of your application.

Our Guarantees

We strive to provide the clear and definitive directions to guide you as you write the most compelling and cohesive narrative possible. For all of our reviews, we make two guarantees. First, we guarantee that the review will be of the highest quality and utility. Second, we guarantee that the review will be returned to you within the return time window you select regardless of when you submitted the essay or whether it is a holiday or near an application deadline. In the extremely rare case that we are unable to meet one of our guarantees, we will proactively communicate that to you and provide a full refund.

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