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Draft compelling essays with our experience & personalized insight

Our approach combines years of experience, data from thousands of students and admissions officers, and individualized attention to help you craft an excellent and compelling essay for your application.

How we review essays

Our Experience

Our evaluation method is based on years of experience working with over 20,000 students, studying successful applications, and interviewing admissions officers from all US News Top 20 universities.

Extensive Analysis

With guidance from admissions officers, we distilled what made all of our students successful into a method of reviewing essays that we individualize to your needs. We make sure each word, sentence, and paragraph directly contributes to your story.

Honest Evaluation

Expect clear directions on how to improve word choice, sentence structure, and the overall narrative, complete with a summary evaluation aligned with an admissions officer's perspective.

Timely Response

We guarantee that you'll receive a comprehensive, actionable review of your essay within the return time window that you select at any time of day on any day of the year.

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College admission success

Our students have been admitted to every school on the U.S. News' Top 100 national universities list.

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Elevate your acceptance chances

Work with us to transform your writing skills and gain admission to your dream program.

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