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Meet the experts behind your college success

Through our rigorous selection and thorough training procedures, we guarantee that your essays undergo evaluation by the industry's most proficient and seasoned team.

We hire academic leaders and skilled writers and transform them into expert mentors.


Raw Talent

We only hire from the 99th percentile of our job applicants.

This ensures we start with the best writers and advisors at the programs you want to attend.

Comprehensive Training

We build on the individual strengths of our reviewers by providing comprehensive training to ensure each reviewer is not only an expert in grammar and syntax but also in college and graduate school admissions.

Industry Leading Experience

We work with more students and review more essays in one application cycle than most high school guidance counselors or independent educational consultants will over a 40-year career.



Michael Kim


Michael Kim graduated from Duke University in 2018 having majored in Biomedical Engineering and minored in Chemistry and Cultural Anthropology. With over 8 years' experience in the educational consulting space, Michael has personally reviewed over 5,000 essays and led teams that have reviewed over 50,000 essays.


As an undergraduate, Michael was employee #1 and head of operations at an educational technology startup that took on $30 million in VC funding. After graduating, he worked as an engineer at a startup developing 3D-printed orthopedic devices while founding Narrative Applications.

Michael is currently a medical student at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California where he conducts research in medical education, minimally invasive surgery, and orthopaedic surgery.

Our Essay Reviewers



Amanda is a graduate of Dartmouth College and is currently an MD/PhD student at the University of Utah where she conducts research in a melanoma genetics lab.



Alexa completed her undergraduate degree in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Yale and is pursuing a Master's in Playwrighting at Brown.

DSC_9231 - Arielle Ambra-Juarez_edited.jpg


Arielle completed her undergraduate degree in Economics & Linguistics at the University of Chicago and is currently a law student at the University of Chicago.

ari5 - Arianna King_edited.jpg


Arianna completed her undergraduate degree in Philosophy & Fine Arts at Tulane. A Fulbright alum and a returned Peace Corps volunteer, she is pursuing a doctorate in urban studies and anthropology at Tulane.



Brian is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Physics at Columbia.

headshot - Caroline Benson_edited.jpg


Caroline completed her undergraduate degree in Comparitive Literature & Society at Columbia. She has extensive experience as an editor for academic papers and news media outlets and as an Arabic translator.

TRY AGAIN - Daphne McKee_edited_edited.jpg


Daphne completed an undergraduate degree in Comparative Human Development with minors in Comparative Race & Ethnic Studies. She has completed a Master's in Social Work and is an active social worker.

IMG_4975 - Drashti Brahmbhatt_edited.jpg


Drashti completed her undergraduate degree in International Relations at Brown and is pursuing a Master's in Urban and Social Policy at Columbia. She speaks five languages.

IMG_9283 - Dylan Tate Yonce_edited_edited.jpg


Dylan is pursuing an undergraduate degree in History with a minor in Geography and certificates in Migration Studies and Public History. She is an active participant in Montana politics.

DSC02583-8 2 - Ethan Tae_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Ethan is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. He is interested in robotics and entrepreneurship.

grace - Grace Chen_edited.jpg


Grace is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology and History of Science, Medicine & Public Health at Yale. She is a nationally ranked synchronized swimmer.



Hannah is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a minor in Music at Stanford. She is a writing tutor at the Hume Center and has held competitive internships at leading banks and tech firms.

Lauren Andrews Headshot - Lauren Andrews_edited_edited.jpg


Lauren completed an undergraduate degree in Law, History, and Culture with minors in Marketing and Business Law. She is currently a student at Harvard Law School.



Max is pursuing an undergraduate degree in History at the University of Chicago. He serves as editor of the Chicago Maroon and volunteers as a creative writing tutor for local high schoolers.

3D84A983-36B8-409A-9413-AAC68B331111 - Paul Kim_edited_edited.jpg


Paul is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Human Geography at University College London. Splitting time between London and Montana, he has worked on numerous poilitical campaigns.

_ - Ranger Kuang_edited_edited.jpg


Ranger is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Columbia. He currently coaches high school math and debate and serves on the executive board of the Columbia Science Review.

fullsizeoutput_2a51 - Rashmi Bharadwaj_edited.jpg


Rashmi is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Public Policy Studies & Neuroscience at Vanderbilt. An accomplished dancer, she is training in three forms and plans to attend medical school.

headshot - Raymond Hsu_edited_edited.jpg


Raymond is a Dartmouth College graduate where he studied Biology and Music. After an Americorps year working in refugee resettlement, Raymond matriculated at the University of Washington School of Medicine.



Robert is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a minor in Music at Stanford.



Samantha is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political Science at Stanford. She is an active political researcher and has extensive experience teaching others how to write and assess policy briefs.



Shayal completed her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience & Creative Writing at Duke and is pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

F255B087-7DE0-4840-A999-B0F030354340 - Sumi Kim_edited.jpg


Sumi is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Writing Seminars & Environmental Studies at Johns Hopkins University, where she captains the varsity crew team and works in the admissions office.


Where are our former reviewers now?

Our accomplished alumni have embarked on diverse paths, with some attending esteemed law schools such as Duke, Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Chicago. Others have joined notable consultancies such as Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey. Others have pursued medicine at Duke, Harvard, and the University of Southern California. And several have gone on to join leading technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Meta.

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